Self-portrait, 2021

Fumoir Poirier, Logomark and Brand Identity

Bush Pilot Amber Rum, Label Design

Halifax Examiner: COVID-19 Editorial Illustration

Sweetgrass and Sage Product Design

"Delilah Kosmic and her Demon Dog" 2022

Sma'knis Matues: A Mi'kmaq Animals Trading Card Game

Concept Design: Muin (Bear)

Concept Design: Matues (Porcupine)

Print Media

1752 Poster, 2020

1752 Poster, 2020

B.A. Johnston Poster, 2021

"Beggar Prophet" 2020

"Fusion Organic Ranger Gadget" 2020

"What's He Building in There?" 2021

The Deanery Project Iconography and Rebranding