Self-portrait, 2021

About me

I am an illustrator and designer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm passionate about visual storytelling, with a special focus in bespoke branding, editorial illustration, and print media. For more information about me, click here.

Firelight Publishing

Logomark and Brand Identity

Firelight Publishing is a refined, modern book publisher with a special focus in Young Adult fiction, and fiction for adults who love the YA genre. Magic, mystery, and adventure are at the heart of what they do - without sacrificing literary achievement and complexity of subject matter. 

Firelight Publishing is a fictional brand.

Tidal Construction

Logomark and Brand Identity

Tidal Construction is a locally-owned construction company that strives to elevate both their people and their projects, through extensive training, planning, and coordination of upscale renovations and new builds. Named after Nova Scotia's tides, they support local initiatives and invest in their people. 

With an in-house engineering department, Tidal can leverage boots-on-the-ground action in making their customers' dreams a reality.

Tidal Construction is a fictional brand.

Fumoir Poirier

Logomark and Brand Identity

Fumoir Poirier is the brainchild of Chad Poirier, a local maritime fishmonger. Drawing from a history of fish smoking craft passed down through generations in his family, Chad is ever-refining his technique while always paying homage to tradition. He requested a design that could double as an ink stamp, to brand his packages of small-batch smoked salmon.

Bush Pilot Amber Rum

 Label Design

Sweetgrass and Sage 

Product Design

The Deanery Project

Iconography and Rebranding


Halifax Examiner: COVID-19 Editorial Illustration

"Delilah Kosmic and her Demon Dog" 2022

Sma'knis Matues: A Mi'kmaq Animals Trading Card Game

Concept Design: Muin (Bear)

Concept Design: Matues (Porcupine)

1752 Poster, 2020

1752 Poster, 2020

B.A. Johnston Poster, 2021

"Beggar Prophet" 2020

"Fusion Organic Ranger Gadget" 2020

"What's He Building in There?" 2021

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